Sarah’s Art Therapy Sessions



Sarah’s Art Therapy Sessions

Art Therapy takes place at the Mercatoria Business Centre in a sunny, warm, well-lit and widely equipped Art Therapy room.

To begin with, we will meet for a fifty minute Initial Interview. Here, you can explore the space and materials. You can share information with me, discuss any concerns or worries, and we can decide if we would like to work together.

Then, if you are satisfied, we will arrange a series of meetings, usually six to start with. These sessions will take place at the same time and day each week and will last 50 minutes.

I will endeavour to provide a safe confidential space for you to explore, understand and gradually come to terms with issues that may be affecting you and your life, or impacting on the lives of others around you.

“Pictures are really helpful parts of conversations, often seen as a three-way conversation between client, image and therapist, from which meaning emerges. One of the beauties of images is that they can ‘mean’ many things simultaneously.”

Malcolm Learmonth, Art Therapist

As an Art Therapist, I do not interpret your work: you have a far greater understanding and knowledge about the image because you made them.

The meaning(s) may be multiple, and may change over time.

I do ask that all the works remain safely in the Art Therapy room throughout the time we work together, so that we may look at images and objects again and see how meaning(s) may have evolved over time.

Once our work together has finished, you will be invited to take the work away with you, providing the opportunity for reflection at a later time.

You may want to show your work to others to enable them to understand you more fully, or you may want to keep this in a private place, for personal reflection and understanding.

In choosing to take the work away with you when we finish,  you will also have a kind of visual diary that can plot the process and progress of your experience and help you think about and remember our work together.